If you’re interested in cost effective 3D printed Architectural Models then we can help you out. We offer free sample prints so you can see the quality first hand. Contact us to find out more!


As 3D printers become more affordable, new opportunities are opening up to a huge array of hobbyists and professionals alike. There are many desktop FDM machines and even smaller SLS printers on the market. With this choice though comes the risk of purchasing a high maintenance machine which will not operate to the expectations of its user. Many desktop and open-source machines produce disappointingly low quality prints where much of the definition is lost. We have invested a lot of time here sourcing high quality lower cost printers to use. Lower cost does not always mean compromising on the quality if you find the right machine and use it correctly. Through using a combination of bespoke CAD and modified FDM machines we can produce high quality prints without passing on the costs of running an expensive machine to our customers. In short the print costs are way below that of our competitors. As much as three times cheaper in some instances! We can also produce prints in kit form which can easily be assembled either by us or by our customers, negating the need for large costly machines.


To add to our list of services, we now offer scaled, Architectural models, using the latest 3D printing technology.


Product Evolution now offers an in house, rapid prototyping service. Using the latest FDM printing technology, we can now make you concepts a reality even faster and more cost effective. Why not give us a call to find out more?


Our innovations have helped to make Jablite’s Dynamic 2 Insulation award winning! At this year’s Green Build Awards, Jablite took home the award for New Retrofit Product of 2014. This is a project we work closely alongside Jablite with, and are very proud to do so. So see a video of how it essentially works click here


We are delighted to now be able to offer a full 3D CAD service to all of our customers. Through using the latest version of Solidworks we can create 3D models, assemblies and animations. This will enable us to offer you our best design service yet. Through this software you will be able to see your product come together piece by piece. We can send you components, assembly models and drawings for you to appraise and advise us throughout the process. Working together we will be able to help you get a great design and your product to market faster than ever.


Product Evolution are currently working closely alongside Skyspring to develop a high efficiency, solar powered, water generation unit. This is a low maintenance unit which can be transported to disaster, relief areas or in fact anywhere that requires a ready supply of fresh, clean drinking water. This is a very exciting project that all of us here at Product Evolution are proud to be involved in.

Visit www.skyspring.co.uk for more information.


Product Evolution signs deal with Jablite, member of the Symbra group and the UK’s largest producer of expanded polystyrene.

Following a successful 18 months of working together, Jablite, a leading manufacturer of innovative insulation products and Product Evolution, an engineering design consultancy with expertise in innovation have signed a contract to continue their fruitful relationship for the foreseeable future.

“We worked closely with Howard Atkin of Product Evolution to fine tune our Jablite Dynamic Insulation. The synergy between his expertise and our own innovation team has proved very productive and creative – we wanted that to continue,” explains Richard Lee, Managing Director, Jablite.

“Howard is brimming with ideas and he will be giving us first refusal on his insulation projects from now on. Our innovations team will also take ideas and projects to him for engineering design input.”

Jablite’s position as a leading innovator in the insulation sector is well known. This open-ended connection to Product Evolution is an indicator of the commitment within the Jablite leadership team to continue to invest in innovation and to develop new partnerships with innovation agencies.

“We are delighted to be part of a team pushing new ideas and innovation”, says Howard Atkin of Product Evolution. “It is the only way to grow businesses and to generate new product developments. It is great to be working with Jablite who share the same vision”.

David Teasdale, Jablite’s Sales & Marketing Director, comments, “Our innovation strategy is to develop relationships and partnerships with outside organisations that can contribute to our product development.

“Howard Atkin at Product Evolution is an exemplar of the benefits of this approach and I am looking forward to many more successful insulation innovations in the future!”


Product Evolution are now delighted to be able to offer a full 2D CAD service. If you need any technical drawings done for your project then we can offer this service at competitive rates.

This service will also have a positive impact when commissioning the design of a product from us. We will be able to send you drawings regularly for you to see updates and progress as well as giving you a great visual representation of your product.

3D Solidworks CAD service will be available from us shortly.


The team here at Product Evolution would like to welcome you to our new website. We hope you like it and find it easy to use. As time goes by we will be updating this section to tell you all about our new products and innovations. As our business grows we will be using this page to also inform you about new services that we can offer to you to enhance your experience with us. If you have any issues or if there is anything you don’t like about our website please feel free to let us know via the contact page and we shall endeavour to improve this to help  make your experience with us more positive and productive. Thank you