CAD or (Computer aided Design) is where your ideas are turned into something more tangible.

Through our design software we create 3D computer models of all the components in your product. These can be analysed through simulation and costed within this phase. Potential problem areas in the design such as tolerance stacking can be addressed, saving time and money down the line and makes the whole process more efficient.

We can also generate photo realistic renders of your product so the design can be registered and you can begin marketing the product before it has been put into production or even physically made.

We not only use CAD as one of the fundamentals of putting a design together but also offer this as a standalone service.

Many smaller to medium sized companies who manufacture and sell their own products don’t always have the requirement or resources for a dedicated R and D department. Our 3D CAD service can be used to take 2D technical drawings and/or bought in components and turn them into full 3D CAD models.

These models can be used to create bills of materials, cutting lists, assembly drawings, create installation guides and instruction manuals, animations and renders. DWG and DXF files can be generated for CNC or milling. Or they can be used to rapid prototype components in plastic.

However you wish to use this service, our certified technicians can support you with all of your CAD requirements.