By utilising our CAD software and 3D printing service we can create fully scaled architectural models.

This allows us to take 2D or 3D drawings from an architect and recreate a fully printable version accurate to within 20 microns.

Our CAD engineers will design the model to either be printed in one or made in kit form, depending on it’s size.

The kit form works best for larger more complex structures or buildings with over hanging roofs.

We can accommodate projects of any size weather it’s one building or 250 buildings.

You can order the models to come on their own custom made lightweight composite platforms and we can also supply a bespoke transparent acrylic cover for your project.

We pride ourselves on being competitive with our pricing and can offer you a cost efficient service so you can keep the business here in the UK.

Call us now to find out more and we will send you a free sample.

As part of our design consultancy, we can also offer a range of other civil engineering services including :

Structural building design, including ground works, foundations, floors, walls and roofs.

·         Wind loadings for all building elements

·         Wind loading for building stability

·         Floor and roof loading for heavy plant

·         Topographical and Geotechnical Investigations

·         Structural integrity survey/calculations for fabric modification and repair

We can also offer laser cutting and scanning.

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